Why Choose Us

Our Portable Home units can be lifted as a whole unit and attached conveniently from one base vehicle to another; this ensures that the consignments would not be shifted at any point of time.

Our Portable Home units also helps in saving the break-down/ non-availability of permits during the transit as the consignments are delivered timely.

We have standby trucks and security supervisors at various locations to handle any kind of exigencies and also ensure tamper-proof sealing and locking of the consignment while in transit.

We also provide our clients with the facility of using their personal locks.

We ensure that the goods moved are provided with total protection from rain, dust, sun, water and pilferage possibilities.

Our personnel take adequate safety measures to ensure there is no damage to the goods from the bolts, angles and other vehicle accessories while loading and unloading.

We utilize international quality packaging materials and techniques that can change depending on the nature of the product.

In addition, we also provide our customers with a total risk-free insurance cover against their consignment.

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