movers and packers

V.N. Relocation & Logistics always provides a full itemization of a customer's belongings. As we load the van, our supervisor will note the condition of each of your items. Your approval is necessary to make sure his description is accurate. If you disagree with any appraisal, please mark it down on your Inventory List. Once you sign on it, we're on our way to your new destination.

Crucial & pivotal from all angles, your needs are studied in a careful & analytical manner to chart the assessment report. Our team led by the supervisor will supervise in your presence the condition of each of your belongings that is put aboard our dispatch vehicle; is it fit be transported & is it capable of withstanding the rough & tough of the journey to its destination. To be as transparent as possible, we re-confirm the exact nature of your belonging to ensure that the description is correct. In case, you confirm your non-preference for our assessment, your remarks will be jotted down on the inventory assessment report.

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